Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Secret of the Machine

What does it mean to be a machine? Not just the simple blank faced binary motivation of your computer. Something else, something more akin to begin the Grand Wizard of Oz.

The person behind the curtain that you mustn't look behind.

From the other side one might ask: Why shouldn't you look you might ask why not and confirm your belief that there is no sophisticated machinery behind there. You won't look because admit it you want to believe, to get lost in the idea that two artist have created an artificial intelligence set solely in the task of spice development in the back of a caravan.

Why wouldn't you? It's a small request though, to suspend your disbelief, it makes you engage more. It makes you more excited to find a computer that is puzzling over the properties of nutmeg or the algorithms that might describe the delicacies between sweet and sour.

Much more involving then watching a person like me fumble with jars.

So take it from me, the secret of the machine, all the interesting stuff is happening on your side.

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