Sunday, 23 October 2011

Two Destination Language – A Journey of a Home, Up the Wall

I am being prepped for a journey by Two Destination Language as part of their piece showing at this year's Up the Wall. First my male guide and I go through some warm up lunges (always fun) I am given headphones and a purse around my neck the guide takes my hand and we're off. In tradition of Janet Cardiff sound walks a softy accented voices play in my ears, they speak of childhood memories and airports but I drift away from this and think about holding this strangers hand. This is the most interesting aspect of this piece having to trust a stranger to lead you somewhere, thinking back on it the audio seems to act as of a way of distracting you from this distracting you from why you're holding this man's hand and how much of this journey is predetermined. It's not as immersive as Symphony for a Missing Room ( ) but it does offer something.

I wonder what the group of cadets who marched past thought of it.

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