Monday, 25 February 2013

Mark Leckey - The Universal Addressibility of Dumb Thing, The Bluecoat Liverpool

Tomb of the Feline

A huge form dominates the space. Its benign smile blesses the people who pass. It is the great magician Felix he stands, protector, guardian the other spaces. People take tribute by taking and sharing his image.


The mandrake and the green man speak of fertility. As the grossness of the growing spring swells mammalian glands and engorges erections. The force of the bull creates the reproduction of technology.


The animal as a cypher for human spirituality, for things unknowable. The knowing of are animal closeness, the ape hoots of Lucy. Spiritual exploitation becomes scientific exploration, animals become cartoons, and cartoons become animals. Both abide by the same laws. Also second appearance of Felix, are all black and white cat Felix? Felix cats love Felix.

Man Machine

The desire to reproduce, to replicate the human. To ascend beyond human form, objects given holy relevance. A Rocking Machine no longer that after use in Delarge death kill. Though stark warning of troubled aspect of man machine interface provided by cyberhead.

Man Machine 2

The progression of machine sexualisation. The configuration of the organic into the machine, organic rhythms made metallic. Pylons subject for still life. Schizoid’s electric waves influence Automatic Drawings. Man like machines, machines like man.

The Wheel

Mankind’s greatest achievement given prominence of wall space. Engine sparkles lethal attraction like they are want to do. Child describes the world as machine parts. Ballard reflected in the automobile influence on culture. The true description of the relationship of culture and technology.


The reflected image, reflects high gloss image unexisting outside of its reflection. Light emits, captured before. Reflected image shows digital self.



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